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What we propose In Lyon,


Grand Lyon Colocation has apartments ideal for share-accommodation and enables you to have an individual rental contract whilst enjoying the advantages of living in share-accommodation.



The system allows you to:


- Benefit of an individual contract

- Booking a room in advance

- Find ideal flatmates

- Benefit of rates with all charges included

-Live in large fully furnished and equipped apartments.



Separate lease


The leases specifically designed for students and for share-accommodation.

- Tthey give the right to apply for APL (French government rental assistance)

- Eliminates joint responsibility. You are therefore completely independent from your flatmates (both judicially and financially)

- Unlike normal rental leases, our leases are more flexible and can be adjusted to your study period and work experience placements

- finally, the lease expires at the end of the individual contract.



Booking in advance Through


Grand Lyon Colocation you can book from anywhere in the world for the period you require. A room in share-accommodation in Lyon or Villeurbanne… (for when you have a work experience placement for 6 to 12 months, a semester of your studies abroad etc…)



Ideal flatmates


Our house-mates are of diverse nationalities and have different cultural backgrounds. They are generally students and young professionals. L'auberge enables you to experience a deeper immersion into the culture than you would in a dorm or campus apartment. .





There are no hidden costs with us. Our rates include:

- Rrental of the apartment

- Rental of the furnishings

- Extra charges (not including gas, electricity and telephone)

- Insurance

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