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Are you looking for a share room in Lyon....? now it's possible...



Grand Lyon Colocation is the first share-accommodation agency in Lyon and Villeurbanne. We offer you stylish and spacious furnished apartments, ideally situated in the heart of the historic city of Lyon.


With us you can experience share-accommodation in a friendly environment with your mind at ease. Our agency takes care of special requirements and enables you to have an individual rental contract without all administrative and judicial hurdles (one rental contract and joint responsibility).


Let's check it out :

  • It's a good solution in terms of value for money. Why should you give up the opportunity of a great apartment? For the same cost of a small studio on the outskirts of Lyon, you can live in share-accommodation in a great apartment in the centre of the city.
  • You live in a better location and have more living space than you would in a studio flat or a pokey attic room with huge rent ;
  • It’s also an excellent way to break a lonely life, extend your social life and improve your language skills.


Life is good…

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